Виды йоги

There are different types of yoga that you can practice. Below is an overview of the different types of yoga and its benefits:


Hatha yoga

This is a classic form of yoga. During this lesson, dynamic and tranquil poses alternate. Hatha Yoga brings inner peace, relaxation, reduces stress and of course gives more energy.


Flow yoga

A soft and dynamic yoga class, in which different postures are alternated with smooth movements. Strenuous and relaxing poses are combined at a slightly faster pace than a regular Hatha yoga class.


Vinyasa yoga

A fluid form of yoga where different postures are alternated with the rhythm of breathing. Vinyasa Yoga helps for rest and it has a positive effect on self-confidence.


Power Yoga

A physically powerful and challenging version of yoga. Different postures alternate and the whole body is involved. In this form of yoga, the focus is slightly more on the development of muscles.


Yin Yoga

In this form of yoga you practice a series of sitting or lying postures in which the muscles remain relaxed and in which you apply a slight pressure on joints and connective tissue. Yin Yoga promotes mobility in the muscles and calms the mind.


Mindful Yoga

Mindful yoga focuses on the technique of meditation. This is achieved through active forms, the execution of refined movement exercises and mindfulness.


Kundalini Yoga

Achieving a higher state of consciousness, practical exercises, breathing exercises and feeling years younger are all part of this form of yoga.

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