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Você gosta de beber refrigerantes? 6x como isso encurta sua vida

With these habits you drink a lot of years of your life

We all know that soda is not the healthiest option. It is bad for your teeth, it can weaken your muscles and cause cravings. Drinking soda regularly can also shorten your life. Now we are not saying that a cola from time to time will immediately cost you a year of your life, but it is good to be aware of bad soda habits. You can better unlearn these six habits.


1. You drink too much soda

It will not surprise you that this habit is number one: you drink too much and too often soda. Drinking more than two cans of soda a day puts you at greater risk of dying from circulatory or digestive diseases. This is according to a 2019 study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.


2. You drink diet soda

Do you think you can make a healthier choice by choosing a diet coke? Unfortunately, these are also not good for your health. The same study from 2019 shows that diet sodas are even three times as dangerous as the normal variety.


3. You choose drinks with a lot of sugar

Although one soda is not the other, most are high in sugar. And let that actually ensure that you age faster and that your life is shortened. This is shown by a recent study published in Aging Cell. Instead, swap your sugary soft drinks for healthier alternatives with a lot less sugar, like these healthy drinks.


4. You choose the colorful drinks

As you might already expect, the soft drinks with the nicest colors are also the sweetest. Not only do these drinks contain a lot of sugar, the dyes can also cause a lot of damage in your body. Studies have shown that yellow-5 and red-40 affect your DNA and can cause cancer. Instead, choose a soft drink with a more natural color.


5. You drink before you exercise

According to experts, it is better not to drink soda before exercising. In addition to making you feel full, it also ensures that you are not well hydrated.


6. You drink soda before going to bed

A Coke on the couch in the evening before going to dormir may be nice and refreshing, unfortunately it is not so good for you. It can cause you to sleep less well. If you often drink soda in the evening, this will mess up your sleep rhythm. And a good night’s sleep is just now important for a long and healthy life. So leave that soft drink at night and choose a glass of water or a nice tea.