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Covid-19 dan obesitas: 5 tips menurunkan berat badan yang sehat

Last week it became painfully clear how bad obesity is for our health; no less than 80% of the people currently in the ICU with the Corona virus are overweight. The likely cause of this is that overweight people have more ACE2 receptors in their fat cells (the receptors that COVID-19 acts on)

For many people, this message is a reason to lose the excess pounds. We decided to write an article with 5 practical tips for losing weight.

1. Avoid added sugars

Worldwide, we eat an average of 4.5x more sugar than recommended; on average we receive 23 sugar cubes per day. Sugar is not only the main cause of obesity, it also disrupts your hormone balance and increases the risk of other lifestyle diseases such as certain types of cancer, cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes. Do you want to drastically reduce your sugar intake? Then pay close attention to the nutritional value table of packaged products and only choose products that contain a maximum of 5 grams of sugar per 100 grams.

2. More fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables not only contain plenty of vitamins and minerals, but also a lot of fiber. These fibers have an important function in your body; for example, they provide a satiating feeling (so that you are less inclined to grab unhealthy snacks). In addition, fibers ensure a more stable (slower rising) blood sugar level. This not only prevents the well-known energy dip, but also ensures that your body does not produce unnecessary insulin. Insulin is the hormone responsible for the development of type 2 diabetes (diabetes). In addition, it provides extra fat storage in your body. The less you have to make of this, the better.

3. Opt for whole grain products

You probably know that white pasta, white rice, etc. are not that healthy for you. This is because in these “refined” products the membranes containing the vitamins and fibers have been removed. This ensures that your body can convert these products into blood sugar in no time. In order to process this, your body suddenly produces a lot of insulin, which in turn contributes to extra fat storage and the development of type 2 diabetes. Always choose products such as brown rice, whole grain bread and whole grain pasta.

4. Stop counting calories

Many people who want to lose weight do this by just looking at the number of calories. However, it is already clear from the above tips that not every kcal is the same. Sugar contains relatively little kcal (4 per gram), but is disastrous for your body when it comes to losing weight. Rather choose food that is as close to nature as possible; take an orange instead of a glass of fresh orange, eat an apple instead of applesauce and opt for whole wheat flour instead of flour.

5. Avoid crash diets

Our coaches see every day that people who want to lose weight tend to starve themselves in order to achieve a quick result. However, this is only counterproductive; By following a crash diet you not only put your body in the energy-saving mode, but also disrupt your hormone balance. This has a negative effect on weight loss. By eating more healthy products, you ensure a better hormone balance, which makes losing weight considerably easier. A body that is healthy and sufficiently nourished loses kilos more easily than a body that is deficient in nutrients. Losing weight is not so much about eating less, but mainly about making better choices. In addition, your immune system improves significantly if you choose a healthy method of weight loss. This is of course especially important in these times!



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