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The benefits of fitness

Fitness is a form of strength training that more and more people see the benefits of. When you do fitness exercises, your muscles are subjected to a much greater resistance than normal. This resistance comes from fitness equipment, free weights (dumbbells) or just your own body weight. In a systematic way you can train the entire body to strengthen your muscles. Fitness exercises are also aimed at improving the condition, posture, shape and function of the muscles and thereby your entire body

Benefits of fitness at a glance:

You train your entire body

In a good and complete fitness schedule, all individual muscle groups of the body are addressed. The upper body where the shoulder, chest, back, abdomen, biceps and triceps (arm muscles) are located and the lower body consisting of your glutes, hamstrings, thighs and calves are trained. Your whole body benefits from this strength training, you will quickly build more strength, achieve muscle growth and feel fitter.

Your muscles, bones and tendons become stronger

Muscle tissue is one of the tissues that adapts the most and becomes stronger and bigger in response to heavy physical exertion such as fitness. When you exercise regularly, your bones and tendons also become firmer. This is partly because the intermuscular coordination improves; the cooperation between the muscles and the fibers in the muscles increases.


Your muscles are growing

This needs more explanation: The human body is constantly busy either breaking down or building muscle tissue. The breaking down of muscle tissue is called a “catabolic state”, the build-up is also called an “anabolic state”. You might not think it, but a catabolic state is primarily caused by heavy physical exertion like fitness. So muscles do not grow in the gym, on the contrary, in fact you only do damage! Dietary deficiencies can also cause a catabolic state.

To develop your muscles properly, make them bigger and more powerful, you need an anabolic state. You create this initially by loading your muscles regularly and (relatively) heavily. Then two important points remain; that’s the hormone testosterone and consuming sufficient nutrients.

1. Testosterone levels in the body are largely genetic. Testosterone plays a major role in the development of muscle mass. Just look at the difference in men and women. Men generally have more testosterone and therefore more muscle mass than women. By doing strength training regularly, you can significantly increase the testosterone level in your body.
2. If your body has enough nutrients at its disposal, it can repair the damaged muscle and then produce extra muscle tissue (your muscle gets bigger).
You guessed it; with a shortage of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals, etc. you quickly end up in a catabolic state. It then becomes very difficult to recover from a fitness workout and to develop bigger, stronger muscles.
An increase in muscle tissue is also called: Hypertrophy.

Fitness increases your fat burning

If you regularly do fitness exercises, your burn will increase greatly. Remember that muscles use energy, not fat. Also during a rest day or your sleep you use more energy and you will burn more fat than if you do not train.

Fitness offers many more benefits

  • Your self-image gets a lot better. In addition to looking better, you will feel better both physically and mentally if you regularly do fitness exercises.
  • Your figure changes in a positive way. This is partly because your muscles form and develop, you also burn more fat, so you see your muscles better and faster.
  • You have less stress. Through fitness training, the blood is pumped through your veins faster, resulting in lower blood pressure and less stress.
  • You become more flexible. If you perform the fitness exercises calmly, under control and with the right technique, you will notice that you become more flexible.
  • Your heart functions better. You have previously read that your muscles become stronger and function better if you regularly do fitness exercises. Our heart is also a muscle and will pump blood and oxygen through your body more efficiently.