Essential oils – the explanation of why these oils work so well


Essential oils. I won’t go out without it. These pure plant substances help me with everything throughout the day. They make my skin glow, sleep well and give me a super focus during my work. In this blog I explain why these oils support you so well, especially in these times with many stimuli.

What are essential oils?

Essential or essential oils are plant substances obtained from fruits, flowers, seeds, leaves, peel, bark or wood. They are volatile substances, which means that they evaporate or evaporate quickly. The oils determine the fragrance of the plant, but they also ensure that the plant lives, grows and can protect itself against external influences. A essential part of the plant. A plant often has very little essential oil, so a relatively large amount of plant material is needed for a small bottle of essential oil. For example, 15 ml of lavender oil require 70 kilos of lavender flowers.

Essential oils

Essential oils are also known as essential oils. The word ethereal comes from the Greek. Aither means sky of heaven. The ancient Greeks thus indicate the lowest layer of the cosmos. Essential oils, like the ether, are volatile.

How can you use them?


A very nice way to use the oils is to put them in the diffuser. Fill the diffuser I have with water and add a few drops of oil. These are then evaporated in the air together with the water droplets. This way you not only get a wonderful scent in your room, but you also absorb the oil through your skin. I use the diffuser every day. When I go to sleep I use lavender, when I am stressed vetiver or frankincense, when I am working lemon and rosemary. Guideline: 4-5 drops at a time in the diffuser.

You can also put a drop of essential oil in your hands, rub briefly and then inhale very well a few times. You will notice that this has a direct effect on your mood. For example, try the combi peppermint and wild orange for an energy kick.

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On your skin

You can apply the oil directly where it is needed, you also call it topical application. The oil is then absorbed by the skin and acts on the area where you applied it. When would you do this? If you have a headache, bloating, stomach cramps, muscle pain or joint pain. So you apply it where the complaint is. It is also recommended to apply the oil under your feet, because your pores are the largest there. This is a perfect place if you want to ground or if you want to get rid of your cold quickly. Of course you can also use the oil as a perfume, massage oil or body lotion.

Some oils such as oregano and cinnamon are very sharp and you should always dilute them with a carrier oil * before applying it to your skin.

* a carrier oil is a mild oil, such as coconut oil, almond oil, jojobae oil or mild olive oil.

Take in

You can take the oil and this is even recommended. Essential oils have an anti-bacterial effect on the body and many oils strengthen the immune system and cell function. The oil can also be used for viruses, fungi (candida), parasites, inflammation, low energy, dysfunction of certain organs.

Good example: I had someone in my area who had little energy. He now takes capsules every day with frankincense, peppermint, melaleuca and lemon and within a month his energy had increased enormously and the eyes of this person now shine like stars.

Take essential oil only if it contains 100% pure plant substances. Never if anything has been added. Not all essential oils are suitable for intake. Always check the packaging before taking or ask someone who specializes in essential oils.

How can you take the oil?

– with vegan capsules (useful if you want to take more drops)
– 1-2 drops in your smoothie, hot cocoa, water, pasta, stews or brownies
– 1-2 drops under your tongue (only with non-sharp oil, such as oregano)


Why do the essential oils work on your emotions? When you breathe in an odor, it happens through a nerve at the top of your nose that is connected to the limbic system of your brain. This is the area of ​​your brain where emotions, memories, motivation, sexual feelings and pleasure are regulated. Now you might understand why I can focus for hours when there is rosemary in the diffuser or why lavender calms down immediately.

A few emotions / feelings for which you can use the oil:

– more joy
– overstimulation
– anger
– grief
– low self esteem
– more confidence in life
– feeling not in your body
– feeling more feminine


Some physical complaints where you can use the oil very well:

– Lack of energy
– Headache
– Irritable bowel syndrome
– Abdominal pain or bloating
– Shortness of breath
– Wounds and scratches
– Scars
– Burns
– Joint and muscle complaints
– Low resistance
– Colds and flu
– Blemished skin
– Libido

Connecting with your nature

For me, the oils are love. They are such a beautiful way to connect with nature in seconds. In these times with lots of stimuli and pressure, they support me to stay with myself and to remind me of my own strength. I also notice that my clients are often women who are very sensitive and help the oils to stay more in their own energy.


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