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10 Ways to Boost Your Immune System

In times of the corona virus, it is of course extra important to have a good immune system. We are constantly reminded that we should not shake hands but wash them thoroughly, touch our faces too much and sneeze in our elbows.

But you cannot really prevent yourself from coming into contact with bacteria and germs. That is why it is much more important that your natural defense system is strong enough not to get sick. A strong immune system offers better protection against viruses. Fortunately, you can do something about it yourself. These are ten ways to boost your immune system:


1. Increase your vitamin intake

Even if you already eat a very varied and healthy diet, you can increase your vitamin intake during the cold months. In these months, our immune system is in any case less strong than normal. This makes you more prone to infections. Therefore, add supplements to your diet.


2. Vitamin C

Immunologist Dr. Jenna Macciochi explains: “When the infection strikes, our body’s need for vitamin C. Research shows that a high dose of vitamin C can help speed up recovery.”


3. Vitamin D

Our immune system is regulated by vitamin D. When you have a deficiency of it, your immune system cannot fully function and an invading virus can cause damage. Do you have 15 minutes off and the sun is shining? Go outside for a while, especially in the middle of the day. In the cold months we don’t get enough sunlight on our skin. As a result, our body cannot produce enough vitamin D itself. That is why it is smart to also swallow vitamin D.


4. Zinc

It appears that zinc stimulates antiviral resistance, but whether this also applies to the corona virus is not certain. But if it does not help, it does not harm. Zinc is important for your resistance anyway and supports more than 300 enzyme reactions that are involved in our immune system. According to recent research, short-term use of high-dose zinc can help the immune defense to fight infection more quickly.


5. No stress

“Stress is one of the leading causes of an imbalanced immune system and susceptibility to infection,” says Dr. Macciochi. “It’s important to reduce stress as much as possible through breathing techniques or just take some time for yourself.”


6. Nutritious food

First, if you want to boost your immune system, it’s a smart idea to increase your intake of fruits and vegetables. They contain essential immune-boosting ingredients to fight disease and fatigue. In addition, plant food is very healthy, as it is low in calories but often contains a lot of fiber and minerals. In any case, fiber-rich food is very good for your intestinal flora. Vegetable fiber forms short-chain fatty acids in your intestines, which are excellent fuel for the immune cells in the intestinal wall. In addition, they stimulate the immune system in your intestines, so that your body reacts quickly and alertly to any infections. In any case, stay away from processed food and comfort food.


7. Lots of sleep

The cells in our body that fight against germs benefit greatly from a good night’s sleep. Dr. Macciochi says it only takes a bad night’s sleep to bring these cells down by 70 percent. So stick to the recommended amount of sleep of eight hours a night. Go to bed on time, preferably well before noon. And preferably every day.


8. Wear a scarf

A scarf serves as an excellent face protection. “Wearing a scarf helps a little bit to avoid inhaling infectious germs,” ​​said Dr. Andrew Thornber, a registered primary care physician.


9. Don’t drink too much alcohol

Drinking excessively is of course not healthy anyway. Dr. Thornber warns that “the more you drink, the weaker your immune system becomes and that’s when viral infections are likely to hit. Reducing your alcohol intake is therefore a good idea to stay in top shape. ”


10. Outdoor sports

Regular exercise slows down the aging of your immune system. In addition, exercise promotes the maturation of new immune cells. Both strengthen your immune system. It is therefore best to exercise for an hour three times a week. Outdoor sports in particular are super good for your immune system. Not only because exercise is healthy and keeps your body strong, but also because you get so much oxygen. Go out into nature!