10 tips for a healthy life

1. Start with a good breakfast

Don’t skip breakfast as that is the first meal after a long night. Your body needs energy to start the day. Breakfast will get your bowels and digestion going. If you don’t eat breakfast, the temptation is to take unhealthy snacks later in the day.


2. Drink water

A glass of water before eating aids digestion. In addition, drinking water is important to flush out the toxins and waste products from your body. Drink 1.5 liters of water a day. This seems a lot, but it is not so bad. Pour a glass of water more often if you want to take a soft drink and drink a glass of water in the morning before you start with milk, juice or tea.


3. Eat slowly

According to some, the secret of staying slim: eating small portions and especially eating slowly. So brag less; you need much less than you think and you can take a little more later. Eat slowly, chew slowly and consciously enjoy every bite.


4. Eat regularly

It is important for your digestion to eat regularly. Three main meals a day is a good basis, but it can also help to eat a smaller meal more often in a day. This way you prevent that you suddenly get a binge and for example make a whole pack of cake soldier.


5. Varied food

Healthy eating is varied food. Because of the variation you get a lot of different foods, and enough of everything your body needs. And so you get enough of everything. To bring more variety into your food, it is useful to use the well-known 5 disc. In any case, try not to eat the same thing every day.


6. Eating a balanced diet

Varied food also means that you can occasionally take something unhealthy. It is important that you bring this back into balance. If you have eaten fries in the afternoon with a lot of mayonnaise or chocolate in between, make sure to moderate in the evening and take less of the unhealthy or fatty food. Everything is allowed, as long as you balance it.


7. Never enough fruit and vegetables

It is no surprise that fruit and vegetables are healthy. After all, they contain many good nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. In addition, they are low in calories and full. Fruit and vegetables should therefore not be missing for a healthy life. Therefore, try to eat two ounces of vegetables and 2 pieces of fruit daily.


8. Conscious eating

A good way to eat healthy is to be aware of what you eat. Therefore, think more often about what you eat. Is it wise to eat those sweet chemical candies that you have absolutely no idea how they are made or what is in them? The quality of your food is more important than the quantity. If you think more often about what food you give your body for food, you will automatically eat healthier.


9. And of course, move

Allow your body to process the food. Exercise is very important for this. Do not immediately start dessert after dinner, but go for a long walk. Also, do not eat just before going to sleep, as the body cannot digest food properly. Because you lie down, your organs also go into sleep mode, which is not good if you have half a meal in your stomach.


10. Enjoy!

Your body needs nutrition to survive. But eating is also something you should enjoy and enjoying it is good for the body again. Just go to the supermarket with a hungry stomach and be amazed at how many tasty things are for sale! You will notice that there are enough options to eat tasty, healthy and varied food.

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