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Wellness Tips 5 possible signs of cervical cancer – Pulse Nigeria

‘); else doc.write(”); fbAsyncIds.push(‘fwid7’); fbStatUrls.push(‘http://www.blick.ch/stats/?rt=1&objId=6174539&type=article&ctxId=1934&pubId=2&cat=news&meta=like&title=5+possible+signs+of+cervical+cancer&url=http%3A%2F%2Fpulse.ng%2Fwellness%2Fwellness-tips-5-possible-signs-of-cervical-cancer-id6174539.html’); /* ]]> */ Cervical cancer is one of the most typical type of cancer in ladies. Cervical cancer happens within the cells of a lady’s cervix (the decrease half of the uterus that’s related to the vagina). Women stand a danger of having cervical cancer …

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Wellness Tips 8 ways self medication can cause serious health issues – Pulse Nigeria

‘); else doc.write(”); fbAsyncIds.push(‘fwid7’); fbStatUrls.push(‘http://www.blick.ch/stats/?rt=1&objId=6148815&type=article&ctxId=1934&pubId=2&cat=news&meta=like&title=8+ways+self+medication+can+cause+serious+health+issues&url=http%3A%2F%2Fpulse.ng%2Fwellness%2Fwellness-tips-8-ways-self-medication-can-cause-serious-health-issues-id6148815.html’); /* ]]> */ Self medication, a quite common prevalence in Nigeria and different elements of the world comes with health issues! This (self medication) occurs when over-the-counter medicine or prescriptions are used with out in search of medical assist from a practitioner/skilled (because the case …

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Wellness Tips 6 reasons to take time off alone – Pulse Nigeria

‘); else doc.write(”); fbAsyncIds.push(‘fwid7’); fbStatUrls.push(‘http://www.blick.ch/stats/?rt=1&objId=6122022&type=article&ctxId=1934&pubId=2&cat=news&meta=like&title=6+reasons+to+take+time+off+alone&url=http%3A%2F%2Fpulse.ng%2Fwellness%2Fwellness-tips-6-reasons-to-take-time-off-alone-id6122022.html’); /* ]]> */ It’s good to shut out the ‘noise’ now and again for a ‘me’ time completed alone! This can are available type of ‘annual depart’ for busy/working class women and gents and in type of annual holidays and time out for entrepreneurs and …

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Wellness Trends for 2017 that you need to watch out

The current international wellness summit held in Kitzbuhel, Austria noticed a mammoth gathering of 500+ topnotch wellness specialists from the domains of journey, magnificence, fitness, spa, nutrition, medical, know-how and structure. They shared views and experiences relating to the wellness developments in 2017 and past that will form the way …

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Wellness Tips Constant headache? check out 5 common habits that trigger it! – Pulse Nigeria

‘); else doc.write(”); fbAsyncIds.push(‘fwid7’); fbStatUrls.push(‘http://www.blick.ch/stats/?rt=1&objId=6024109&type=article&ctxId=1934&pubId=2&cat=news&meta=like&title=Constant+headache%3F+check+out+5+common+habits+that+trigger+it%21&url=http%3A%2F%2Fpulse.ng%2Fwellness%2Fwellness-tips-constant-headache-check-out-5-common-habits-that-trigger-it-id6024109.html’); /* ]]> */ Headaches are uncomfortable and may briefly disrupt all the system. Headaches could be nudging, throbbing or persistent and it is often an indication for the physique to decelerate or an indication of an underlying, typically critical health concern. ALSO READ: 7 things …

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Wellness tips 7 things to ease work stress – Pulse Nigeria

‘); else doc.write(”); fbAsyncIds.push(‘fwid7’); fbStatUrls.push(‘http://www.blick.ch/stats/?rt=1&objId=6100990&type=article&ctxId=1934&pubId=2&cat=news&meta=like&title=7+things+to+ease+work+stress&url=http%3A%2F%2Fpulse.ng%2Fwellness%2Fwellness-tips-7-things-to-ease-work-stress-id6100990.html’); /* ]]> */ Work as a part of on a regular basis dwelling research reveal is a number one reason for stress. The high quality of life has drastically lowered because of on a regular basis hustling and dwelling in addition to way of life …

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