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Wellness Tips

How to use human body frequency resonance for healing?

You can be stunned to study that the human body constitutes of roughly 7*1027 (7 accompanied by 27 zeros) energized atoms. Not solely human beings, but in addition each animate and inanimate object within the universe is made from atoms resonating at a selected frequency, producing distinctive electromagnetic fields. Even …

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How cannabis is foraying into the wellness space?

Cannabis has pervaded the wellness area abandoning its not-so-good status as a leisure drug. This is due to a speedy shift in perceptions about cannabis since previous couple of years.    As researches are revealing extra therapeutic powers of Cannabis, stigmas surrounding it are eroding quick. Legalization of cannabis is …

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Find your Wabi Sabi way to wellness

Embracing imperfections within the quest of happiness outline Wabi Sabi, a philosophy of life originated in historic China with its roots in Zen Buddhism.  Gradually, it advanced as a motion in Japan and is linked with the land’s tea ceremony. A wierd ceremony the place visitors invited would go away …

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