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Fight lower back pain using acupressure

Lower Back Pain (LBP) is the main reason for incapacity on the earth with ergonomic postures at office contributing probably the most of it. Among non-pharmacologic therapies, Acupressure in treating persistent lower back pain has been discovered to be efficient to some extent. Apart from legs, the lower back portion …

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10 Ways Cooking Therapy can boost your wellness

Food is a superb medium to attach with others and personal selves. Nothing can be nice in case you can prepare dinner your strategy to wellness.  90% of Americans don’t want cooking, a CNBC revealed report says. It is just not solely including to their expense burden however can also …

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Body combing, the self healing wellness trend

Wellness watchers have a brand new trend to embrace – physique combing. This self-healing wellness trend, an extension of the time examined Chinese conventional remedy Gua Sha is gaining reputation to deal with continual ache and weight loss.  Have you ever gently scraped your again with a hair comb? You …

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Knowing alternative wellness tourism and its world of possibilities

Alternative wellness tourism includes individuals touring nationally and internationally for healthcare remedies and availing alternative therapies and medicines. Alternative drugs refers to drugs used to deal with or remedy a bodily ailment, although not within the area of typical medical care. Alternative drugs covers a broad vary of healthcare practices, …

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