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Chris Hemsworth’s trainer wants you to work out less if long term weight loss is your goal – Body and Soul

A fast scan of Chris Hemsworth’s body and you know the bloke works out.

But apparently, not as a lot as we expect.

Chris’ trainer Luke Zocchi, 34, says you can get an effective workout in just 20 minutes. And you do not have to go anyplace close to the squat rack.

“My philosophy is that you can get a really good workout in 20 minutes. I wouldn’t practice longer than 25 minutes to an hour max,” Zocchi tells physique+soul.

“Even when me and Chris are training for Thor and we’re weightlifting, it is by no means longer than an hour. Cardio must be excessive-depth interval periods of 20 minutes.

“If you’re training on the proper depth and pushing your self, an hour is sufficient. Anything greater than that you’re breaking type and doing extra injury than good.”

Zocchi used his 20-minutes-max philosophy to create in-room exercises unique to visitors staying at W Brisbane. The Fuel fitness packages include two quick and livid exercises; one cardio and one power.

“It’ll check ya,” he says.

“I’ve totally different variations; newbie, intermediate and superior so it is appropriate for all fitness ranges. The newbie choice lays the construction and every spherical I give progressions to problem you.

“The first is a cardio core workout where you’re getting your heart rate up and fat burning, it’s a series of exercises you complete four times through. The second is a resistance strength workout based on body weight and each workout I throw in challenges to make it harder.”

The challenges embrace extra time beneath pressure workouts. So a squat turns right into a bounce squat, a push up can go from knees to toes to sluggish negatives the place you take your time decreasing to the bottom.

Zocchi is an enormous believer in utilizing body weight. You do not want to use free weights or the lodge fitness center for a troublesome power session when travelling.

“Chris and I have travelled a lot and it’s not always been in fancy hotels,” Zocchi says.

“We were filming in Albuquerque in the middle of the desert and we were doing squats, push-ups and burpees in his trailer just two metres from each other. It was a really crappy trailer, not a big fancy one like that Tom Cruise one, but it shows you don’t need a lot of space to build lean muscle.”

When it comes to his personal fitness, Zocchi practises what he preaches.

“The stuff that I did in the W workouts, that’s what I do,” he says.

“More is not better. Training is one element of it, but to get results you need to allow for nutrition and even recovery.”

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