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Treating Endometriosis Pain: What Worked For Me – Mountain Grove News Journal

(BPT) – For years, Sarah J. assumed her interval ache was regular. “When I first started experiencing pain, I had no idea what endometriosis was and just assumed other women were experiencing the same symptoms, but weren’t talking about them,” Sarah recalled.

After seeing greater than 10 docs, she was recognized with endometriosis – an estrogen-dependent illness that happens when tissue just like the endometrium – the tissue that strains the within of the uterus – grows outdoors of the uterus the place it doesn’t belong.1 These out-of-place growths are referred to as lesions. Estrogen, a hormone that’s naturally produced by your physique, fuels the expansion of endometrial lesions. During your menstrual cycle, when estrogen ranges rise, these lesions can develop. And later, throughout your interval, the lesions can break down and shed. This may cause ache all through the month.2,three

The commonest signs of endometriosis embrace painful durations, pelvic ache in between durations and ache with intercourse.2 One strategy to handle widespread signs of endometriosis is to scale back the quantity of estrogen your physique produces.2

Endometriosis is extra widespread than you may assume. In reality, it impacts an estimated one in 10 ladies of reproductive age.2 Yet many ladies, like Sarah, can endure for as much as six to 10 years and go to a number of physicians earlier than receiving a correct analysis.four,5

Once recognized, it took Sarah a number of subsequent OBGYN visits to discover a remedy choice that was proper for her. Treatment for endometriosis have to be individualized and each medical and surgical remedies might be efficient.three

Eventually, a physician advisable ORILISSA® (elagolix), a capsule created particularly for ladies 18 and over with average to extreme endometriosis ache.6 ORILISSA doesn’t include hormones. It’s not contraception, an injection, or surgical procedure. ORILISSA is totally different in that it is a capsule that works by decreasing estrogen ranges and is available in two dosages, every of which lowers estrogen to a special degree. Lowering estrogen ranges is a method to assist handle endometriosis ache.6

“I tried many treatment options, yet I still experienced endo pain. With ORILISSA, my endometriosis pain has reduced. I am so happy I was persistent in seeking answers and followed my doctor’s recommendation. My endometriosis pain doesn’t cause me to miss out on as many of the activities I enjoy doing.”

ORILISSA will not be for everybody. You shouldn’t take ORILISSA in case you are or could also be pregnant, have osteoporosis, have extreme liver illness, or take medicines akin to cyclosporine or gemfibrozil.

Here are some tips that helped Sarah discover a remedy choice that labored for her:

  • Monitor your signs: Every lady with endometriosis has a singular expertise and remedy have to be tailor-made to deal with their particular signs.three You can obtain the Ori for Me™ app to trace your endometriosis ache. Ori for Me additionally presents communication, wellness tips, and life hacks for ladies dwelling with endometriosis.
  • Be your strongest advocate: Talking to your physician about endometriosis ache is essential, however it’s not all the time straightforward. However, should you don’t speak about your signs, your physician might assume every little thing is ok. has a discussion guide you need to use as a device to assist clarify your endometriosis ache to your physician.
  • Know your choices: While there isn’t a remedy for endometriosis, medical and surgical choices might be efficient in treating endometriosis ache.three Every lady is totally different and what works for one lady might not work for an additional. Do your personal analysis and speak together with your physician to find out the fitting choice for you.

Visit to study extra.

Please see under for Important Safety Information

Please go to for the Full Prescribing Information together with Medication Guide for ORILISSA at


ORILISSA® (elagolix) is a prescription drugs used to deal with average to extreme ache related to endometriosis. It isn’t recognized if ORILISSA is protected and efficient in youngsters beneath 18 years of age.


What is crucial info I ought to find out about ORILISSA?

ORILISSA might trigger critical negative effects, together with:

  • Bone Loss (decreased Bone Mineral Density [BMD])

While you’re taking ORILISSA, your estrogen ranges can be low. This can result in BMD loss. Your BMD might enhance after stopping ORILISSA, however might not recuperate utterly. It is unknown if these bone modifications might improve your danger for damaged bones as you age. Your healthcare supplier (HCP) might order a DXA scan to verify your BMD.

Do not take ORILISSA in case you are making an attempt to develop into or are pregnant, as your danger for early pregnancy loss might improve. If you assume you’re pregnant, cease taking ORILISSA immediately and name your HCP. ORILISSA might change your menstrual durations (irregular bleeding or recognizing, a lower in menstrual bleeding, or no bleeding in any respect), making it arduous to know in case you are pregnant. Watch for different indicators of pregnancy, reminiscent of breast tenderness, weight achieve, and nausea. ORILISSA doesn’t forestall pregnancy. You might want to use efficient hormone-free contraception (similar to condoms or spermicide) whereas taking ORILISSA and for one week after stopping ORILISSA. Birth management drugs that include estrogen might make ORILISSA much less efficient. It is unknown how nicely ORILISSA works whereas on progestin-solely contraception.

Do not take ORILISSA when you:

  • Are or could also be pregnant, have osteoporosis, have extreme liver illness, or take medicines often known as robust OATP1B1 inhibitors, similar to cyclosporine or gemfibrozil. If you’re not sure in case you are taking one in every of these medicines, ask your HCP.

What ought to I inform my HCP earlier than taking ORILISSA?

Tell your HCP about your whole medical circumstances, together with in case you:

  • Have or have had damaged bones, produce other circumstances, or take medicines which will trigger bone issues; have or have had depression, temper issues, or suicidal ideas or conduct; have liver issues; assume you might be pregnant; or are breastfeeding or plan to be. It is unknown if ORILISSA passes into breast milk. Talk to your HCP about the easiest way to feed your baby for those who take ORILISSA.

Tell your HCP about all the medicines you’re taking, together with prescription and over-the-counter medicines, nutritional vitamins, and natural dietary supplements.

Especially inform your HCP in case you take contraception tablets. Your HCP might advise you to vary the drugs you’re taking or your technique of contraception.

What are the potential unwanted side effects of ORILISSA?

ORILISSA may cause critical unwanted side effects together with:

  • Suicidal ideas, actions, or conduct, and worsening of temper. Call your HCP instantly, or name 911 if an emergency, if in case you have any of those signs, particularly if they’re new, worse, or hassle you: ideas about suicide or dying, attempt to commit suicide, new or worse depression or nervousness, or different uncommon modifications in conduct or temper. You or your caregiver ought to take note of any modifications, particularly sudden modifications in your temper, behaviors, ideas, or emotions.
  • Abnormal liver exams. Call your HCP immediately when you have any of those indicators and signs of liver issues: yellowing of the pores and skin or the whites of the eyes (jaundice), darkish amber-coloured urine, feeling drained, nausea and vomiting, generalized swelling, proper higher abdomen space ache, or bruising simply.

The commonest unwanted effects of ORILISSA embrace: scorching flashes or night time sweats, headache, nausea, problem sleeping, absence of durations, nervousness, joint ache, depression, and temper modifications.

These aren’t all the potential uncomfortable side effects of ORILISSA. This is crucial info to find out about ORILISSA. For extra info, speak to your physician or HCP.

Take ORILISSA precisely as your HCP tells you. Tell your HCP when you’ve got any aspect impact that bothers you or that doesn’t go away. Call your HCP for medical recommendation about unwanted side effects.

You are inspired to report destructive uncomfortable side effects of prescribed drugs to the FDA. Visit or name 1-800-FDA-1088.

If you’re having problem paying on your drugs, AbbVie could possibly assist. Visit to study extra.

Please go to for the Full Prescribing Information together with Medication Guide for ORILISSA at


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