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Body combing, the self healing wellness trend

Wellness watchers have a brand new trend to embrace – physique combing. This self-healing wellness trend, an extension of the time examined Chinese conventional remedy Gua Sha is gaining reputation to deal with continual ache and weight loss.  Have you ever gently scraped your again with a hair comb? You get a stunning enjoyable sensation. Body combing includes a a lot deeper stimulation.

jade combs are meant for larger surfaces

Good information for these obsessive about jade rollers! Body combing includes the use of jade combs product of Rose Quartz crystal meant for a stimulating therapeutic massage on the areas of concern to enhance circulation and scale back irritation.

While typical jade rollers, small useful instruments are meant for face and different small floor areas, jade combs are meant for bigger surfaces like again and legs. Jade is understood to have potent healing properties efficient in decreasing stress, irritability eliminating negativity. Rose Quartz is taken into account as the stone of everlasting love restoring love and concord in relationships a lot fashionable amongst wellness-obsessed people.

The root of physique combing – Gua Sha:

Man with pain in shoulder

Gua Sha presents a singular strategy to your health and wellness by addressing continual ache and physique fatigue. This Chinese healing method includes scrapping of your pores and skin floor with lengthy strokes stimulating the micro-tissues for higher circulation. A smooth-edged software is used to facilitate the stimulation a comb-like software higher serves the function. The smooth ends of the comb tooth allow micro-stimulation.

Unblocking the power move:

skin surface is rubbed or stroked in a particular manner,

Most of the Chinese healing methods contain the launch of the stagnant life power referred to as Chi. Practitioners of conventional Chinese drugs consider any blockage of Chi is chargeable for irritation, the underlying trigger for many forms of ache and different illnesses. When the pores and skin floor is rubbed or stroked in a specific method, the free stream of power will get enabled leading to decreasing of irritation and selling healing.

According to Chinese drugs, 12 main meridian power channels provoke from the head. There are particular factors on these meridians the place Chi may be simply accessed. When you comb gently, the meridian channels get stimulated. The head, being a delicate space of the physique, deep intense combing is just not possible.

Chinese drugs says, stimulating the pores and skin floor by combing strengthens the defensive energy of Chi. Combing not solely reinforces your physique immunity however improves your pores and skin texture preserving the nerves and muscle tissues robust and in fine condition. Skin is the largest organ of the physique appearing as the first line of protection. Body combing reduces cortisol launch easing stress and enhancing pores and skin health inside out.

The method:

Massage oil is evenly applied over the skin

Massage oil is evenly utilized over the pores and skin and the physique comb is used to scrape the physique repeatedly with downward strokes. Facial Gua Sha additionally follows the similar precept however the device and stroking methods are totally different relying on the muscle contour. Blunt jade stones or rollers are used. You can attempt the methods at house simply.

The method with physique combs is utilized to the again area, buttocks, stomach, necks, legs and arms. The therapist or technician usually begins the course of by making use of delicate strain steadily growing its depth to your tolerable degree.

Gua Sha is understood to offer an array of health advantages like easing muscle rigidity, migraine and neck ache, treating breast engorgement throughout the early lactation interval and peri-menopausal signs.

Body combing in magnificence makeover and weight administration:

Body combing created a sensation in the wellness market with guarantees of weight loss and cellulite remedy. Beauty market found a brand new physique contouring device with Body Comb that has the potential to scale back water retention and enhance different pores and skin circumstances like dryness and hen pores and skin bumps on higher arms and thighs.

Much of the credit score of popularizing Body Combing in the wellness area of the UK goes to Katie Brindle, the Chinese Medicine specialist and in addition the founding father of a wellbeing firm. An skilled instructor in Chinese medical methods, she takes particular curiosity in educating Gua Sha methods, a self-massage method with this particular software Body Comb.

This is a complicated strategy of physique brushing popularized by celebrities like Elizabeth Hurley and Elle Macpherson. Body brushing is seemed upon as a detox process that helps to eliminate cellulite. Celebrities are recognized to use physique brushing recurrently to enhance circulation for dimple-free higher arms and thighs.

Cellulites are fats deposits beneath the connective tissue. According to Chinese drugs, impeded water metabolism causes cellulite when the physique power Chi will get stagnant. Apprehended to face the harsh dry scrubbing with a pure brush, many image-conscious ladies choose to remain out of this and determine to stay with the present cellulite and skim bumps.

But Body combing has introduced in a extra snug and efficient choice for physique enhancement. Since the combs are manufactured from jade, it may be used for a very long time as a self-massage device. Just like the physique brush, it additionally facilitates lymphatic drainage driving out toxins from the physique however the expertise is nice.

Using physique comb on the head reduces stress and headache and should even promote hair progress owing to improved circulation. The most pleasant promise, it claims to scale back additional inches of flab too!

Few brisk strokes early morning show you how to to quick recover from sleepiness making you invigorated. Slow, lengthy strokes in the night soothe your careworn nerves. In Chinese philosophy, physique combing or Gua Sha earlier than going to mattress might assist in decreasing excited power ranges enabling higher sleep.

Practice issues than methods:

Body Combing with jade combs

Gua Sha ought to be carried by educated technicians. But Body Combing with jade combs might be accomplished at house with out emphasizing a lot on methods. However, it’s all the time good if you will get some steerage initially. This is simpler than physique brushing should you can apply on correct meridian channels.

Apply a lubricant oil or water. Use heat water in the event you want to do combing whereas having a bathe. The following steps will allow you to:

  • Start from the chest. Apply outward strokes on both aspect of the chest from the breast bone.
  • Shift your consideration to the again portion of every higher arm.
  • Next focus in your stomach. Apply downward strokes from beneath the breast to the hipline. Then do the similar on both aspect of the rib cage.
  • Apply proper ward strokes over every buttock from the waistline to the higher thigh.
  • Lastly, work with the front and back a part of the legs sustaining comparable downward strokes inside the thighs.
  • If you plan to make use of physique comb in your head, begin from the hairline and press the comb right down to the bottom of the neck. The course of may be repeated from the temple to the neck. If you are feeling any sense of stimulation, linger the course of for a while.
  • To scale back tummy fats, comb alongside the belt line or ‘dai meridian’ from the decrease backbone round the ribs. Then apply down strokes on the tummy 20-30 occasions. Energy blockage in the belt space or ‘Dai Meridian’ typically causes fats accumulation.

Dry your self shortly. Have a glass of heat water to guard your self from publicity to chilly as your physique pores are weak to pathogens after the combing. According to Chinese drugs, heat water retains your physique heat. The primary steps of physique combing shouldn’t take greater than 5-6 minutes. You might discover purple striations throughout the physique, which is regular. It will go away after a while. Body combing is just not appropriate for damaged pores and skin or if there’s any bleeding tendency.

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