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How to use human body frequency resonance for healing?

You can be stunned to study that the human body constitutes of roughly 7*1027 (7 accompanied by 27 zeros) energized atoms. Not solely human beings, but in addition each animate and inanimate object within the universe is made from atoms resonating at a selected frequency, producing distinctive electromagnetic fields. Even extra shocking is that the human body frequency resonance could be tapped for therapeutic, which nevertheless has been ignored to some extent. Our life drive is generated from the motion of electrically charged particles brought on by electrical conduction. According to Dr. Robert O. Becker, an individual’s health may be decided by the electrical frequency of his body.

The human coronary heart has probably the most far-reaching electromagnetic area, whose waves can attain a lot additional than our mind waves. Our coronary heart connects first energetically when encountering one other individual. These easy acts signify how human body frequency can affect our psychological and bodily health.

How can frequency be life altering to us?

 low vibrational stateTo make issues occur how we would like, we’d like to really feel the frequency that we want. For instance, in troublesome conditions when our thoughts and body is within the low vibrational state, it is strongly recommended to really feel constructive power. In case you’re unhappy or lonely, really feel the enjoyment. The regulation of attraction acts on this means, main to the trail of therapeutic.

Application of human body frequency resonance for therapeutic – an age-old course of:

The vibration of sound

Human body frequency resonance for therapeutic might be traced in historic Gregorian chants and Eastern meditation methods. The vibration of sound, if tuned in the proper frequency, can have magical results.

An historic musical scale, 9 Solfeggio Frequencies is understood to restore religious stability, setting the thoughts and body in good concord. Nine totally different frequencies are used to rectify a variety of bodily and religious imbalance. These are as follows:

174Hz – 12 (three)   Remove ache

285Hz – 15 (6)   Influence power fields

396Hz – 18 (9)   Liberating Guilt and Fear

417Hz – 12 (three)   Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change

528Hz – 15 (6)   Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair)

639Hz – 18 (9) Connecting / Relationships

741Hz – 12 (three)   Expression/Solutions

852Hz – 15 (6)   Returning to Spiritual Order

963Hz – 18 (9)   Connection to the Cosmos; Awakening

[Data courtesy: healthfoodsoul.com]

Other frequencies utilized are Schumann resonance and the OM frequency. The OM Tone is understood to stimulate the guts and could be very efficient in meditation.

The root of Sound Healing:

root of Sound HealingThe apparently strong issues surrounding us are in actuality are empty areas and never manufactured from strong matter. Therefore, it will not be troublesome to consider how frequencies have an effect on our bodily and religious states regardless that they’re invisible to our eyes.

Sound therapeutic is rooted in Egyptian science, however was introduced mainstream by the biophysicist Gerald Oster in his research well-known as ‘binaural beats’. People flock to this in style brainwave remedy primarily for ache aid and rest.Various frequencies measured in Hertz are utilized in creating totally different tones of music that resonate with the human body, thereby serving to in therapeutic.

A frequency drop signifies a compromised immune system:

Symptoms of cold and flu appearA healthy human body resonates at a frequency of 62-68 Hz throughout daytime, whatever the mass and peak to mass ratio. This has been decided by Bruce Taino of Taino know-how (an unbiased department of Eastern State University in Cheny, Washington) in 1992 who created the primary frequency monitor on the earth.

According to his statement:

  • Frequency 58 Hz: Symptoms of chilly and flu seem
  • Frequency 55 Hz: Candida an infection takes place
  • Frequency 52 Hz: Epstein Bar
  • Frequency 42 Hz: Cancer

The machine’s remark was 100% correct and is being utilized in agriculture at current.

How human body frequency resonance assist in therapeutic?

relaxation through electrical stimulationVarious power imbalances within the body may be managed by rectification of electromagnetic fields via a mechanism referred to as biofeedback. Human body strives to keep a gentle power stability beneath regular circumstances and may management numerous physiological features to obtain a sure degree of wellness.

Cybernetics, the science of communication and management between animals and machines, established in 1948, offered traction in biofeedback. For instance, the responses of the body’s healthy tissue are predictable whereas that of unhealthy tissues are totally different. Inflamed, degenerative and traumatized tissues give irregular readings to the machine.

The biofeedback machine within the cybernetic loop measures the frequencies despatched by the body and provides mandatory suggestions for therapeutic, ache aid, stress discount and rest by means of electrical stimulation.

Biofeedback machines gather the frequencies of the body’s impulses and talk them to the machine. Dr. Rife, the inventor of the Rife Machine, one of many first frequency turbines believed that there’s a particular frequency for each illness.

He additionally noticed that particular frequencies can forestall illness whereas some may even destroy it, main to an entire remedy. Dr. Rife together with his power manipulation on this machine achieved astounding 100% success in curing sufferers of most cancers.

Following are the forms of Biofeedback remedy:

  • Thermal Biofeedback measures pores and skin temperature.
  • Electromyography measures muscle pressure.
  • Neuro Feedback measures mind exercise.

Biofeedback machines give us an in depth perception of what’s occurring in our body measuring the involuntary responses. During the remedy, electrodes or sensors are hooked up to the affected person’s body to acquire the required alerts.

Once it identifies stresses and imbalances, the machine scans the required info from an enormous database of biofeedback therapies of sufferers via particular programming that helps in offering aid to the sufferers.

Diet additionally impacts our power frequency:

Fresh foods directly pluck from treesIt can also be necessary to understand how food habits have an effect on human body frequency resonance. Ancient Greek idea states that the human body is related spiritually to the world via power which is gained primarily from meals. It is desired to increase our vibrational power to stay higher related with our environment or in different phrases to keep a harmonious existence.

Fresh meals instantly pluck from timber are high-vibrational meals as they retailer high-levels of power. That is the rationale consumption of farm-fresh natural fruit and veggies are extremely advisable. Processed meals and people obtainable in eateries and eating places have low vibrational power which doesn’t add any worth to the nutrition.

Food getting ready rituals in historic Greece exhibits how they gave significance to high-vibrational meals. Singing and dancing throughout cooking have been widespread to induce extra power to the food. They believed food cooked lovingly and peacefully added constructive power, which can’t be denied even right now.

The power content material of meals:

Dried Foods- 15-22 HzNikola Tesla, the pioneer in electrical power, noticed the power frequency of varied meals as listed under:

Fresh Foods – 20-27 Hz

Fresh Herbs- 20-27 Hz

Dried Foods- 15-22 Hz

Dried Herbs- 15-22 Hz

Canned/Processed Food- zero Hz

The frequencies of important oils can begin from 52Hz and stretch as excessive as 320 Hz, which is the frequency of Rose Oil. Substances with larger frequencies create an atmosphere the place micro organism, fungi and different illnesses are unable to survive.

Many low power pollution are additionally accountable for decreasing healthy human body frequency resonance that manifests in sickness and issues.

Are you consuming high-energy meals?

Nuts and seedsA abstract of the high-energy and low-energy meals is offered under:

High power meals:

  • Fresh fruits & veggies, pure dietary supplements
  • Herbal teas
  • Various herbs and spices
  • Pure water obtained by reverse osmosis
  • Olive oil and coconut oil
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Grains like brown rice, buck wheat, amaranth
  • Legumes
  • Fermented meals
  • Raw honey

Low power meals:

  • White all-purpose flour
  • Sugars and synthetic sweeteners
  • GMO meals and people handled with pesticides
  • Coffee
  • Alcohol
  • Carbonated drinks
  • Meat, fish and poultry
  • Processed, canned, frozen and packaged meals
  • Margarine and vegetable oils
  • Foods which are deep-fried, overcooked and put into microwave

While consuming, keep a peaceable atmosphere, nurture constructive ideas and be grateful for the food. This will improve the energy-vibration of meals and hold you healthy.

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