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Stamford leaders looking to improve health care – Big Country Homepage

STAMFORD, Texas (KRBC) – The mayor of Stamford says 80 hospitals up to now 10 years in rural areas have closed within the United States, one being of their city final July.

“It matters. Our informal health care committee here is just made up of a different group of leaders in the community that it matters to them. We’ve all got investments in the community,” stated James Decker, Mayor of Stamford.

Eight months after Stamford resigned their native hospital, including new providers however dropping their emergency room. Jim Astin, one of many committee members, now looking at new means.

“Search out all means and any avenues that could or would or do exist to return some sort of 24 hour, seven days a week health care here. Hopefully even someway to do an emergency room,” stated Astin.

Now with the longer term unknown, the group is looking for solutions.

“Advanced cases are going to go to Abilene, Lubbock, wherever but that emergency care is what really hits home with people and what really bothers people,” stated Decker.

The committee is looking at surrounding communities for concepts. 

“I am going to be visiting with area hospitals, districts, looking at the models that they have, see if they are some ideas we can pick up from there. Certainty, working with the TORCH, Texas Organization of Rural Community Hospitals,” stated Astin.

Astin says he’s decided to discover a answer.

“Right now I don’t have all the information to tell you. I can tell you this I am going to find out,” stated Astin.

They are holding a city corridor Thursday at 6:30 p.m. situated at The VIP Center to have an open dialogue with the group about the way forward for health providers. They can be answering any questions you could have.

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