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Greater Rome Young Marines add new recruits to their ranks – Northwest Georgia News

The group continues to be taking over new members.

Unit Commander Linda Hartley stated the day was for filling out paper work, placing a deposit down and making an attempt on uniforms for the most recent members of the Greater Rome Young Marine program. In two weeks the recruits will start training and can graduate from recruit training on March 23 at midday.

“We have this for two weeks if anybody is interested,” Hartley stated. “We have a drill next week where they can come and fill out paperwork if they want to join our unit.”

The Young Marines out collaborating in shut order drills ranked from Young Marine personal to Young Marine sergeant she stated. The cause Young Marine is included within the title is as a result of the youngsters aren’t within the Marine Corps, stated Hartley.

The youngsters will keep in this system till they’re 18 years previous or graduate highschool, whichever comes final. The benefit of this system is that if the youngsters go into the Marine Corps and graduate boot camp they are going to be a personal first-class as an alternative of a personal.

The Young Marines meet on the primary and third Saturday of the month. A typical day is bodily fitness training, shut order drill and sophistication time, Hartley stated. Close order drills had Young Marines Sgt. Kora Chattin calling out marching orders to her platoon. Chattin marched her fellow Young Marines across the grounds of the National Guard Armory the place the group meets. On Saturday the group additionally participated in drug demand discount, uniform inspections and ribbon recognition.

Congress helps the Young Marines so long as they do three hours of drug demand discount 1 / 4.

“We do a lot of community service, we work with veterans a lot,” she stated.

There is a $250 charge to begin, and that may dress them from head to toe, in accordance to Harley. From then on out the Greater Rome Young Marines fundraises every part else for their campouts and journeys.

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