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90 days fitness challenge starts! – mazmessenger

The Municipal Sports Institute of Mazatlan (IMDEM) has began a program to enhance the health and high quality of lifetime of  Mazatlecos by way of train.

A gaggle of 26 members began the 90 Days IMDEM Challenge on the amenities of Elite Gym coordinated by coach Guillermo Nieto.

“The new year brought a lot of resolutions and some of them are working to improve their health. We are doing a 90 day challenge. 26 participants arrived on the first day and we weighed them, but we expect more participants to join the challenge during the week”, stated Guillermo

Participants are between 23 and 53 years previous.

“But also seniors can participate, also skinny people that would like to increase their muscle mass,” stated the coach

The program will embrace fitness training, crossfit and weight lifting together with a nutrition program which might be key.

“It is going to be 3 months of going on a diet and training from Monday to Saturday. This is a tough challenge because everybody has different activities and doing them can be complicated. But during the challenge we are going to keep the participants motivated to help them to stay until the end”, stated Guillermo

At the top of the challenge, the winner of the primary place could have four months of free health club membership, the second place three months and the third place 2 months. The winner would be the one that has probably the most  enhancements in physique.

According to Guillermo, round 80% of the members hold healthy habits after ending the challenge.

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