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Caring for dry, irritated skin in the winter months – UpperMichigansSource.com

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) – Winter climate has settled throughout the Upper Peninsula, and for some, which will additionally means dry skin.

“We go from a very humid environment in the summertime to a very dry environment, and therefore people’s skin gets very dry and itchy in the wintertime,” stated Dr. Greg Sulik, of Medical Acne & Skin Care in Marquette.

Dr. Sukil says as the temperature drops, your moisturizing routine ought to improve, particularly after scorching showers and washing your palms. And that a few of these lotions in your cabinets may very well be doing extra hurt than good.

“The thing to watch out for that can actually irritate your skin and make it even more itchy are fragrances, dyes, and preservatives,” stated Dr. Sukil.

If you might have delicate skin, Sr. Sukil says there are particular moisturizers you need to use that will not trigger irritating breakouts.

“You want to look for the words non-comedogenic on the product, if you want to use it on the face, non-comedogenic means it doesn’t cause acne, it doesn’t cause pimples,” stated Dr. Sukil.

So what are you able to do about dry, flaky skin? Dr. Sukil says keep away from exfoliating in case you can-as an alternative, you could have to attend it out however the neatest thing for dry skin is to up your moisturizing routine and let it flake off, naturally.

“They actually have proteins and oils in them that actually protect your skin, so that dead layer of skin, that very outer layer of skin which is dead, is actually there for a reason and so you don’t necessarily wanna peel that off,” stated Dr. Sukil.

Dr. Sukil says, in case your each day functioning is impaired by dry, sore skin-or in the event you work in an setting or with sure soaps or chemical compounds that improve the irritation, head to your physician to debate totally different remedy and even prescription choices.

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