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Women’s wellness: Is endometriosis a risk factor for ovarian cancer? – Finger Lakes Times

Q: I simply came upon I’ve endometriosis, which my mom additionally has. She says endometriosis raises our risk of ovarian most cancers, so I ought to have youngsters early after which get a hysterectomy. What’s the actual story?

A: It feels like your mom jumped to the improper conclusion. Endometriosis and ovarian most cancers are linked, however the relationship is not straight trigger and impact. Although ovarian most cancers happens at larger charges in ladies with endometriosis, the general lifetime risk is low to start with. Some research recommend that endometriosis will increase that risk, however it’s nonetheless comparatively low.

Although uncommon, one other sort of most cancers —endometriosis-associated adenocarcinoma —can develop later in life in ladies who’ve had endometriosis.

Endometriosis is not a cause to have a hysterectomy until you’ve vital signs which might be unresponsive to much less invasive therapies, and the uterus itself is inflicting ache or bleeding issues. But endometriosis may be painful in premenopausal ladies and ought to be handled.

Depending on the severity of your endometriosis, remedy choices might embrace:

—Hormonal therapies, comparable to contraception tablets, which assist management the hormones that trigger a buildup of endometrial tissue —and contraception drugs are related to a lower in ovarian most cancers risk.

—Conservative surgical procedure to take away endometrial growths with out eradicating your reproductive organs —with laparoscopic surgical procedure typically, or conventional stomach surgical procedure in additional-extreme instances.

If you are nervous about how endometriosis may have an effect on your fertility, that is a totally different matter. Endometriosis does trigger fertility issues for some ladies.

Normal conception, pregnancy and supply are attainable after conservative endometriosis remedy. But when you’re having hassle conceiving, chances are you’ll have to see a fertility specialist to discover your choices for turning into pregnant.


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