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Plank Variation 2: Elbows On Stability Ball

Target Muscle/s: Erector spinae, obliques, rectus abdominis, transverse abdominis
Sets & Reps: Static: 30 seconds. Dynamic: 12-15 reps
Tempo: Static & Dynamic
Frequency: Include in your two power periods every week

The ‘plank’ is a particularly in style train amongst runners, used to focus on the trunk (core) muscle tissues (erector spinae, obliques, rectus abdominis, transverse abdominis) which give a robust base for our shifting limbs as we energy forwards.

Although analysis exhibits that these trunk muscle tissue are labored simply as a lot throughout normal workouts like squats, deadlifts, cleans, and so on. including some selection to the normal plank train can present a easy, gear free solution to maintain the trunk muscular tissues robust.

Despite the various on-line challenges, holding a plank for over 30 seconds will not convey you any additional advantage. Instead, variations must be launched to make the train tougher, particularly including some type of motion. Using a stability ball can open many new methods of attaining this.


  1. Whilst kneeling with elbows on a stability ball, tilt the pelvis to realize a cushty, flat decrease again.
  2. Raise each knees and try to carry this place for as much as 30 seconds, making certain that the decrease again stays flat and ache free.
  3. If you can’t obtain 30 seconds with two legs up, attempt beginning with a neater model by decreasing one knee to the bottom.
  4. If you possibly can obtain 30 seconds with two legs up, attempt a tougher model by elevating one leg off the bottom.
  5. If you possibly can obtain 30 seconds with one leg off the bottom, attempt a tougher model through the use of your elbows to roll the ball forwards & backwards in a steady motion.


As with any train, it is very important discover a plank model that’s appropriate for your present degree of power. For these comparatively new to core training or recovering from a current damage / operation, chances are you’ll properly want to start out with one knee lowered onto the ground. If that is nonetheless too difficult for the physique, one can regress additional by decreasing each knees to the ground. If you expertise any again ache doing plank workouts, it might be since you are permitting the decrease again to fall into an excessive amount of of an arch. Try tilting the pelvis barely upwards (in the direction of your stomach button) in order that the decrease again flattens out. If you can’t carry out any train with out ache, search assist from an appropriate certified train skilled.

Matt Phillips is a Running Injury Specialist & Video Gait Analyst at StrideUK & Studio57clinic in Sussex. Follow Matt on Twitter: @sportinjurymatt

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