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Mayo Clinic minute: Cryopreservation giving kids with cancer a brighter future – Finger Lakes Times

In current years, vital strides in pediatric cancer analysis have drastically decreased the chances of youngsters dying after they’re recognized. As the probabilities of youngsters dying from cancer are reducing, health care suppliers are taking steps to guard youngsters from future negative effects of cancer remedy. One of the most recent methods is a process referred to as cryopreservation.

It’s the information no mother or father ever needs to listen to: Your baby has cancer.

“Young pediatric patients don’t understand, but their parents are shell-shocked,” Mayo Clinic’s Dr. Zaraq Khan says. “And, so, we feel that when there are so many things going on at that time, fertility is something that’s overlooked.”

Khan focuses on reproductive endocrinology and infertility at Mayo Clinic. He says that, whereas it might appear odd to fret about fertility when a youngster is dealing with cancer, it is truly a signal of how far analysis has come on childhood cancer.

“We are at that point right now in medicine where we have excellent survival rates for cancer, and we have excellent treatments,” Khan says.

“Unfortunately, they take a big toll on the fertility potential,” he says. “And if we can provide them both with excellent treatment for their cancer and also be a beacon of hope for their fertility in the future (that would be ideal).”

Khan says some sufferers undergo what known as gamete cryopreservation. Doctors take testicular or ovarian tissue, and freeze them …

” … until they’re in remission. And, then, we will transfer it back to the patient so that they can regain their fertility potential.”

Khan says it is one other means of treating extra than simply the cancer.

“At the time when they are faced with such devastating news, giving hope and giving some glimmer of happiness into the future really is something that they hold onto, and it goes a long way through the process,” he says.


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