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It’s Time You Met the Oil Cleansing Method for Treating Acne

OK, OK, we all know—oil? On pimples? What? Usually, these phrases aren’t present in the similar sentence collectively as a result of we’ve all been conditioned since puberty to consider that oil is the kiss of demise for your face. Instead, we believed slathering acidic, drying, and aggravating toners, scrubs, and cleansers throughout your face eradicated each spot and bump in existence.

But what if we informed you the key to decreasing your acne-prone pores and skin was to cowl it in a thick layer of oil? Because that’s precisely what the web is doing, and faces are being reworked virtually in a single day.

The Method

It’s referred to as the oil cleaning technique (or OCM), and it has spurred hundreds and hundreds of weblog posts and Reddit discussions for being an entire skin-changer for nearly all complexions, particularly the acne-prone. The precise “how” of OCM is fairly straight-forward: Just therapeutic massage a palmful of oil—we’ll get to the particular oils in a second—over your soiled, makeup-covered face for a couple of minutes, gently wipe off the oil with a heat microfiber cloth, therapeutic massage one other palmful of oil into your pores and skin for one other jiffy, then wipe off the oil once more, re-wetting the material and re-wiping till most of the extra oil (however not all!) is gone. That’s it. Then the magic occurs.

oil cleansing method acne cure

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How It Works

According to Reddit’s most-famous oil cleansing guide, the primary concept behind oil cleaning is the “dissolution theory—or, more simply ‘like dissolves like,’” which principally signifies that “oil is able to dissolve and remove substances with a similar chemical structure, which includes dirt, oil, and makeup.” You see, most anti-acne cleansers on the market (even these geared towards delicate or dry pores and skin) are full of irritating components that strip your pores and skin of its pure oils. And when your pores and skin is stripped or irritated, it over-produces oil, resulting in extra clogged pores, blackheads, and pimples. Fun, proper? OCM, although, cuts out the dangerous stuff whereas nourishing your pores and skin, so your physique can give attention to therapeutic the pimples you have got with out inflicting extra.

It sounds fishy, however belief us: The proof is in the footage, like on this lady’s five-day, OCM before-and-after photo, which exhibits a big lower in pimples in underneath every week, all as a result of she started using olive oil and almond oil. Or this lady’s really wild two-year OCM journey, which took her from comparatively extreme pimples to crystal-clear, perfect-looking pores and skin, all because of hemp oil. “I’ve been oil cleansing for a couple of months now,” wrote one Reddit user, “[and] I’ve completely stopped getting cystic acne. I used to get cystic acne breakouts once or twice a month, and haven’t had any since I started the oil cleansing. I don’t think I’ll ever use soap on my face again.”

oil cleansing method acne cure

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What Kind of Oil Should You Use?

Now that you simply’re satisfied, it’s time to study which oil you need to use. Though Reddit has an in-depth guide to oil-choosing, the primary gist is that you simply need to select an oil that’s super-low on the comedogenic (i.e. pore-clogging) scale, like mineral oil (the best, most well-tolerated oil for OCM), argan oil, hemp seed oil, or jojoba oil, after which discover the one which’s tailor-made to your pores and skin sort or concern.

Surprisingly, not all oils are the similar—some are super-rich and hydrating (like almond, avocado, and jojoba), that are nice for dry or dehydrated pores and skin, whereas others act as antibacterial astringents (like castor oil, neem oil, and night primose oil), which will help mattify and deal with oily, acne-prone pores and skin. Whatever oil you select, although, ensure you purchase solely 100 %, high-quality formulation, like something bought at the cult-favorite Garden of Wisdom retailer.

Of course, we really feel the have to remind you that your mileage might range, and what works for everybody else on the web might not work for you. But so far as dangerous pores and skin remedies go, OCM is fairly low-stakes. So if you wish to attempt it out for your self, decide up a bottle of oil, some microfiber cloths, and go to city. Then come again right here subsequent week with a selfie of your shockingly wonderful pores and skin, so we will all cheer collectively.

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