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Why wrists are a common casualty of winter – Times Record

Winter climate tends to trigger a spike in visits to the emergency division, and wrist accidents are one of the most important causes. Dr. Sanj Kakar, an orthopedic hand and wrist surgeon at Mayo Clinic, says strolling on ice and snow may be treacherous and pressure individuals to make robust cut up-second selections.

“Immediately, if you think when you fall, you’re going to put your wrist out. And what will happen is that will brace your fall, and all your body weight goes through there,” Kakar stated.

Kakar all the time sees a rise in wrist accidents instantly after winter storms, particularly amongst older individuals whose bones might develop into weak over time as a result of of circumstances like osteoporosis.

In most instances, Kakar stated 4 to 6 weeks in a forged to let the bone heal is the perfect remedy, assuming it is lined up correctly, however typically surgical procedure is important.

But avoiding a wrist damage if you fall on ice is troublesome.

“I think when we fall, it’s a split-second decision on how we’re going to fall,” Kakar says. “And the problem is if you fall onto your wrist, there’s a high chance of a wrist fracture. If you fall down, for example, on your hip, then there’s a hip fracture.”

Kakar stated if you need to stroll in snow or on ice, it is best to decelerate and have one thing or somebody to carry onto in case you begin to fall.

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