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Four tips for staying healthy this holiday season – Stripes Okinawa

The simple act of washing your hands will decrease the risk of illness for you and your family this holiday season. (U.S. Air Force photo by Michelle Gigante)

The easy act of washing your arms will lower the danger of sickness for you and your loved ones this holiday season. (U.S. Air Force photograph by Michelle Gigante)

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revealed: December 16, 2017

The Military Health System can’t assure you’ll have a holly, jolly holiday season. But following these health and wellness tips might assist make this one of the best time of the yr.

Wash your palms.

It’s easy however highly effective recommendation, not solely to keep away from getting sick however to keep away from spreading germs, stated Dr. Terry Adirim, a pediatric emergency doctor and deputy assistant secretary of Defense for Health Services Policy and Oversight.

“At the very least, you should wash your hands before handling food, before eating, and after using the bathroom,” she stated. Other actions that decision for hand-washing afterward embrace altering a diaper, caring for somebody who’s sick, blowing your nostril, coughing or sneezing into your arms, and touching a pet or different animal.

For the simplest method, Adirim handed alongside this recommendation from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or CDC: Turn on the faucet to moist palms – chilly water works in addition to heat – then flip it off. Apply cleaning soap, and rub your palms collectively to create lather. Keep at it lengthy sufficient to sing the “Happy Birthday” music twice whereas scrubbing the backs of your arms, between your fingers, and beneath your nails. Turn the water again on to rinse off the cleaning soap, after which dry.

Keep food scorching, or chilly.

Temperature performs a important position in stopping the micro organism and viruses that trigger foodborne sicknesses, stated Army Chief Warrant Officer 5 Donald Smith, a Veterinary Corps food security officer with the Defense Health Agency.

Smith recommends utilizing a food thermometer to make sure the interior temperature of meat, poultry, and different cooked meals is excessive sufficient to kill germs. For each cold and hot meals within the holiday unfold, make certain any leftovers are saved within the fridge in hermetic containers inside two hours, he stated.

Limit consuming.

“Alcohol should be something you perhaps enjoy for a special occasion,” corresponding to a glass of champagne to ring within the New Year or a glass of wine with a holiday meal, stated Army Maj. Kathryn Berryman, a doctor at Brooke Army Medical Center, Fort Sam Houston, Texas. But an excessive amount of alcohol can result in dangerous behaviors that endanger nicely-being, comparable to getting behind the wheel or partaking in unprotected intercourse.

Too a lot alcohol additionally results in lengthy-time period health issues together with coronary heart illness and most cancers. “The more you drink, the more quickly you become physically dependent and also build a tolerance,” Berryman stated.

The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, or NIAAA, defines one drink as 12 ounces of beer with 5 % alcohol content material, 5 ounces of wine with 12 % alcohol content material, or 1.5 ounces of distilled spirits with 40 % alcohol content material.

According to the NIAAA, low-danger consuming for males is not more than 4 drinks on a single day, and not more than 14 drinks per week. For ladies, it’s three drinks on a single day, and 7 drinks per week. The numbers for ladies are decrease as a result of physique composition and different elements sometimes trigger ladies to really feel the consequences of alcohol extra shortly than males.

Low-risk consuming doesn’t imply no danger, in response to the NIAAA. People who stick to those tips nonetheless might have issues in the event that they drink too shortly, produce other health considerations, or are older than 60. Also, mixing alcohol with prescription and over-the-counter drugs might be lethal.

Take a stroll within the woods.

Exercise burns energy and helps clear the thoughts, and being round nature could also be an added increase. Patricia Deuster, director of the USU Consortium for Health and Military Performance, is lead investigator of a workforce of researchers exploring whether or not nature has therapeutic powers.

“I’ve always relieved my stress by going outside,” stated Deuster, a nationally ranked marathoner, skydiver, and former tennis professional. “I spend time in nature every day. I know how healing it is for me, how it makes me relax and forget about all the stressful stuff.”

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