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Saoirse Ronan Showed Off Her Acne Scars in ‘Lady Bird’ to Represent a Real Teenager

“Lady Bird” is incomes all types of reward for its real-life depiction of a mother-and-daughter relationship, however there is perhaps one relatable a part of the movie that the majority viewers missed: lead actress Saoirse Ronan‘s pimples scars.

In an interview with Racked, the 23-year-old actress opened up about her pores and skin struggles and the way she sought to symbolize a actual teenager by bringing her pimples scars to the large display. Ronan revealed that she didn’t endure from pimples till a yr earlier than capturing “Lady Bird.” Due to fatigue and always sporting make-up, Ronan started creating blemishes.

“I’d never had bad skin before, but because I was really tired and wearing a lot of makeup, I started to get acne,” Ronan stated. “I started to break out, and I’d never dealt with that before, so I didn’t know how to tackle it.”

When the digital camera testing for “Lady Bird” rolled round, Ronan was requested by the movie’s make-up artist, Jacqueline Knowlton, how she felt about skipping the on-screen make-up and permitting her pimples to shine. “Our makeup artist asked me how I’d feel about maybe not having them covered up as much. Luckily, I didn’t feel insecure about it!” Ronan stated.

She reasoned that the movie can be a nice alternative to present viewers that many younger individuals, particularly youngsters, wrestle with pimples. She admitted that in tv exhibits and films rising up, she typically noticed youngsters with flawless, good pores and skin, which was a false impression she needed to shatter with “Lady Bird.”

“I just felt like it was a great opportunity to show someone as they really are at that age. Because most young people do get bad skin!” Ronan stated. “And I don’t think that’s something you get to see much. Growing up, a lot of of the teenage girls I saw in movies and TV shows were played by these fully formed 30-year-olds with great skin. I hope it helps young people—and anyone who struggles with their skin—to connect with the character.”

As if we didn’t want one more reason to love “Lady Bird.” Props to Ronan for holding it actual together with her pores and skin, and we hope the remainder of Hollywood follows go well with.

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